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During the consultation with Benjamin, he provided a comprehensive overview of the entire process, highlighting its intricacies. Throughout, I gained a deeper understanding of the multitude of nuances that I might have overlooked had I pursued the application on my own.

Benjamin's responsiveness, attention to detail, and profound knowledge of immigration specifics for various countries made the entire journey seamless. The structured approach, coupled with Benjamin's expertise, ensured a successful outcome. It reinforced the notion that paying upfront for professional assistance is the right choice, far superior to risking self-application or opting for cheaper alternatives that may lack the required expertise in the field. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I highly recommend taking the leap and engaging Jakabek Immigration Law for a smoother and more successful immigration process.

~ Ali A.

The entire process was smooth and Mr. Jakabek is extremely professional and genuinely cares about your success. He is there to support you throughout the journey. He included detailed arguments from all perspectives which helped ensure that our application didn't have any loopholes to get refused. In the end the application was so well prepared that even if we got a negative outcome, I would say that Mr. Jakabek had done his job and the fault would be with the visa office for not looking at the application properly!

I would whole heartedly recommend his services for Canadian immigration applications.

~ Anas A.

Knowledgable and tremendous law firm; B. Jakabek answered all of my questions and was extremely thorough with my PGWP application. Initially, I was unable to apply for the aforementioned permit due to circumstances beyond my control but Benjamin's level of expertise permeated throughout the entire process and I got approved. 10/10 for his caring & professional service

~ Charles O.

Benjamin was amazing throughout the entire time I worked with him on getting us through the study permit application. He took care of all the heavy lifting and kept us updated throughout the entire process. His work was very professional and he works with you on a personal level to ensure all the necessary details are gathered and so that a rock-solid application can be drafted. I am glad to say that our study permit got approved (It took a couple of weeks to gather the required documents and a further 13 weeks for the entire application to be processed - Study Permit - Outside Canada).

I heavily recommend his services and I definitely look forward to working with Benjamin for all our immigration needs

~ Nasif H.

Benjamin helped me with a situation where an immigration officer made a mistake and found me inadmissible. He provided me with clear information regarding the process moving forward and was professional, understanding, and responsive via email. At the end the end of it all the issue was settled in Federal Court well before going to trial. Working with Benjamin was an overall great experience!

~ Mehren S.

I was having a specific issue about getting my son brought over to Canada as a PR. Benjamin managed the process the whole way through and was excellent in his support and help answering emails to queries outside working hours and guiding me through the whole process. The end 12-page statement and encyclopedia of evidence that was put together was extremely professional and the outcome was that my son received his approval earlier this week for PR. Thank you Benjamin, I literally could not have done this without you.

~ Stuart G.

Benjamin is very professional and is the best guide. He discussed over the phone from Canada Judicial Review and advised my husband to go for it. Finally, with his skill and experience, all of us got the settlement order from the Department of Justice. The TRV was re-evaluated and APPROVED. I thank Benjamin for his sincerity and seriousness always. I would highly recommend him for any Canadian Immigration related services.

~ Nazia I.

Jakabek Immigration Law’s Process Works!

At Jakabek Immigration Law we aim to use our extensive expertise in Canadian immigration law to provide exceptional service and positive results. Our law firm’s sole focus is on the preparation and submission of immigration applications and related litigation: this has the benefit of ensuring that we understand all the intricacies and nuances of the Canadian immigration system; our processes are efficient since they’ve been thoughtfully tailored to the immigration field; and we have the most up-to-date knowledge of all government developments.

Our transparent flat-fee pricing model ensures that you have complete visibility of your application costs, without any hidden charges. We also understand the importance of timely and efficient communication, and we strive to be available and responsive to our clients’ needs at all times.

Following our complementary initial consultation we will gather all the necessary information to build a robust case on your behalf. We will further assist you with the preparation of all forms and documents to ensure a clear and convincing record is submitted to support your application. Upon submission of your application to the visa office we will continue to keep you updated during processing and will assist with any subsequent government requests.

From initial preparation to the final decision, Jakabek Immigration Law is the best choice for your immigration needs.

Let’s get started on this journey today.

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